What We Do As Owner's Agents

Why Use an Owner's Agent

Most Owners do not routinely build new apartments or remodel existing ones. The Owner's Agent is an extension of the Owner's staff, advising the owner and acting as a single point of contact for all members of the project team. This frees the Owner to continue focusing on their core business, knowing that their interests are protected by a dedicated Agent throughout the course of the project. The Owner's Agent brings extensive experience managing projects to the Owner's team, helping to assure that the whole project team remains aligned with the Owner's priorities, throughout the course of the project.

As an extension of the Owner's staff, the Owner's Agent interfaces with all project team members, tracking issues and facilitating and expediting solutions. The Owner's Agent will assist in maintaining clear and concise communications, keeping accurate records and thorough documentation throughout all phases of the project.

We represent your interest only, not the interest of the design team or contractors. We are your eyes and ears on the jobsite, ensuring you the quality you expect, completed on time and within budget. The Owner maintains ALL DECISION MAKING AUTHORITY and all contractual relationships flow back to the Owner.

The difference between an Owner's Agent and a Construction Manager is that a Construction Manager concentrates on the tasks, not potential issues that may arise. An Owner's Agent is actively weighing the consequences of all tasks, from all of the disciplines involved in the project.

Owner's Agents have cross disciplinary skill sets, freeing your Architect to focus on the project's design and your other team members to focus on their specific role. The Owner's Agent is much like the conductor in a symphony, making sure that all of the talented musicians play on key and in harmony to produce a pleasing and successful project. 

The Owner's Agent provides the Owner with a "scaled-down" version of construction management services and would mainly be used when there are only one or two prime contracts directly between the Owner and the Contractor(s). 

As your Agent, we will assist in coordinating all of these various parties, managing contracts, tracking costs, sequencing the work, and ensuring that all of the pieces fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. As your Agent, Building Construction Team LLC will represent your interests with all of the parties, protecting your interests, advising you and involving you in the decision process in a manner that most effectively utilizes your time. 

Duties of an Owner’s Agent

  • Assist with hiring a consultant for a master plan.
  • Assist with evaluating or contracting professional services to evaluate the applicant’s needs based on the master plan. Based on these findings develop the project’s scope to address the needs. This can be one large project or a multi-year phased project.
  • Assist with determining the appropriate delivery method for the proposed project.
    • Design/Bid/Build, Design Build, Cost plus with a guaranteed maximum, CM/GC.
  • Assist with selecting the appropriate consultants through a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and Request for Proposals (RFP) process. 
    • Master planner, Architect, Materials Testing, Engineer`s, General Contractor, etc.
  • Assist in reviewing contracts between the selected vendors for services to be performed. When necessary help enforce contract revisions to prevent the Owner/Developer from being taken advantage of or put in a situation where they could be liable for something they shouldn’t be.
  • Assist the Owner/Developer in managing any change orders or potential change orders for the project.
  • Assist in Ensuring that the contractor and their subcontractors are properly insured and bonded.
  • Assist in submittal review to ensure that the contractor is submitting appropriate documentation and record-keeping. 
  • Assist in keeping the Owner/Developer apprised of items that they need to make decisions on and ensure that appropriate parties are reviewing and stamping submittals as needed to keep the project on schedule.
  • Assist in RFI review; review RFI’s to ensure contractor and design/engineer/consultants are providing thorough and efficient responses, and that RFI responses are being forwarded to/from the appropriate parties; advise Owner/Developer of RFI’s that may incur additional cost and/or scope change prior to implementing work.
  • Assist in Ensuring all permits are procured.
  • Assist in Ensuring all federal, state, and local requirements are satisfied.
  • Assist in Ensuring a reasonable, realistic, budget is developed and maintained. Make sure that the budget is maintained without compromising the quality or integrity of the project.
  • Assist in Performing on-site inspections for quality of workmanship, quality of materials, conformity with plans & specifications, code compliance, on-site safety, project schedule vs progress, and general progress of the construction project. This will be done in conjunction with the Owner/Developer, Architects, Engineers and Lenders.
  • Attend construction meetings with Owner/Developer, contractor, architect, and major subcontractors that are on site when possible.
    • These meetings should include discussions of potential or pending change orders, problems, schedule, budget, requests for information and any other areas of interest.
  • Assist in reviewing all test reports with Engineers, Architects and Contractors to ensure they are in compliance with specifications.
    • E.g. soils, compaction, concrete, welds and other required tests.
  • Assist the Owner/Developer in resolving disputes or claims that may occur.
  • Assist in reviewing progress billings and when necessary negotiate revisions.
    • Assist in reviewing and approve all costs submitted but general contractor. This includes reviewing the back-up for each contractor draw request for Division 2-16 line items.
  • Assist in ensuring all lien/claim releases are executed with all progress and final payments.
  • Coordinate with contractor to resolve warranty issues.
  • Ensure compliance with all closeout requirements with the architects, engineers, and contractors.
  • Assist with resolving payment or other contractual disputes.